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These rugged VANSAFES have passed stringent attacks and security tests carried out by Professional Inspectors. The 2mm all steel construction, bolts to the floor of any van and means that your tools stay in your van.

Tradesmen and Service engineers are rapidly becoming aware of the benefits of fitting a VANSAFE, however the most enthusiastic buyer of the VANSAFE are those who have just had there tools stolen. Don't wait until it happens to you "FIT A VANSAFE NOW"



2'0" X 1'8" X 1'1" PL

2'0" X 1'8" X 1'1" SL

3'0" X 1'8" X 1'1" PL

3'0" X 1'8" X 1'1" SL

3'0" X 1'8" X 1'8" SL

3'0" X 2'0" X 2'0" SL


PL = Padlock SL = Slamlock