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Site Safe have been manufacturing security boxes for over 20 years. Based in the South East of England Site Safe are well known innovators and designers of quality products.

Site Safe have won a number of awards for it's outstanding designs of such products as the SCOOTER STORE, BIKESAFE, and the VANSAFE.

Site Safe first began manufacturing Tool Boxes and Site Safes for the construction industry. Having established themselves as leaders in the field of security boxes, they move on to solve the problem of storage for the electric Scooter for the disabled, while also conquering the problem of the theft of these scooters. The name of this innovative little box is the SCOOTER STORE.

Not satisfied at with making the disabled persons life easier, Site Safe began to design a garage for motor bikes that would keep the bike dry and secure. It can also sit outside the owners house and needs no planning permission, and what did they call this wacky invention the BIKESAFE of course.

That's just a small note about Site Safe and its products. If you do not find what you require after paging through our web site, please feel free to Email phone or fax us with what you require and we will do our best to help.

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